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Ballet Papalotl

Ballet Papalotl boasts one of the largest repertoires of any Northwest folkloric troupe. We perform traditional, regional folkloric dance from across Mexico, incorporating traditional dress and adhering to authentic dance and choreography.

Ballet Papalotl's Repertoire

Most Papalotl costumes are brought from Mexico or hand made by dancers and their families to showcase the traditional art and craft that goes into each regional Mexican dress. The time and attention to detail that we put into our dance and costuming reflects the multi-faceted traditions of Mexican folkloric dance, drawing from the pre-Columbus native traditions as well as diverse European and Afro-Caribbean influences.


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Veracruz is located on the east coast of Mexico. The dance from Veracruz is famous…


Oaxaca is rich in indigenous culture and also has a wide variety of climates from…

A Diverse Repitoire

By boasting such variety in style, Ballet Papalotl teaches about the rich and diverse history…

Nuevo León

The northern state of Nuevo Leon showcases a strong European influence through its polkas and…


From Michoacán, come well-known traditional dances such as Viejitos and Pescado Blanco, which communicate through…

Aguas Calientes

Just east of Jalisco, Aquascalientes shares many of Jalisco’s rythems while emerging with its own…


From the flowering paradise of the Mayan people, we also perform traditional Yucatan dances accompanied…


Located in southern Mexico, the colorful embroidered silk costumes of Chiapas reflect the state’s rich…

Baja California Sur

Dances from Baja California Sur are inspired by Austrian polkas and regional Mexican dance.


From the land of the Indigenous Cora people, come some of the most challenging and…


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